Speaking Coach

"Yes, everyone can learn how to speak better."



 I teach Workshops and lecture about rhetoric at the University of Berne. But even more often I coach professionals  such as TEDx-Speakers and business professionals amongst others at Institutions like Johnson&Johnson, Ernst&Young (EY) and ETH Alumni.


If you want to develop your speaking skills and to help your ideas and products get the attention they deserve, I look forward to hear from you.


You can contact me here.





Individual Coaching

Individual coaching aims to increase your personal speaking skills and/or to work on the maximum impact of a specific upcoming speech.


Specific feedback is essential in personal development. Free your success from coincidence and make it a certainty.


In Workshops you train your speaking skills in groups. The content of the workshop can differ and ranges between general introductions to public speaking and specific focus on public speaking areas like the voice, the body language or the facial expressions.