"Silence is silver, speaking is gold"


Report on a Keynote-Speech by Melchior Glatthard on Rhetoric - A KMU-Insight-Event of the Business Parc Reinach
See also the report of KMU-Insight

 «Everyone can use rhetoric - Jeder kann Rhetorik brauchen» 


Report on a Keynote-Speech by Melchior Glatthard on Rhetoric -  A clients-Event of the T&R Oberland AG

"Speaker with a competition-gene" (Redner mit einem Wettkampf-Gen)


Interview about the european championships 2017 in Milan (IT) and the first place in both categories, humorous and table topics.

"Speaking is silver, speaking well is gold." (Reden ist silber, gut reden ist Gold)


Interview and report about the european championships and the german speaking rhetoric club of Berne. 

Newspaper article in the Jungfrau Zeitung - 30th of June 2018

 "Nach 15 Jahren wieder ein Weissküfer ausgebildet - Rede an der Diplomfeier" ("First white cooper in 15 years graduates" - Keynote-Speech at the graduation.")


Report on a Keynote-Speech delivered by Melchior Glatthard at the graduation of the Swiss Woodcarvers, Violin-makers, white coopers and turners.

Newspaper article in the Berner Zeitung - 29th of November 2017

  "Berner wird Europameister der Rhetorik" ("Bernese Speaker won european championship of rhetoric")


Report on Melchior Glatthard winning the european championship 2017 (District 59) in both categories (humorous and table topics).

Radiointerview on SRF - 11th of March 2018:

European Champion: Speaking with all of your body

(Rhetorik-Europameister: Reden mit vollem Körpereinsatz)


An interview on SRF (Official Swiss Radio Channel) about how Melchior Glatthard sees public speaking and why it is important.